ecampus account issue

<p>Anybody else having trouble logging into ecampus accounts at SCU. DD accepted her finaid last night online.
When we went to do the admissions and housing thing this morning, she could NOT log on. I mailed the admissions check and form in their postage paid envelope this morning...I made them post mark it today. But it won't arrive by Monday. The housing form was sent overnight mail and is guaranteed to arrive by Monday at 3pm. I'm sick over this. If we could have done all this online the deadlines would not have been an issue (and still shouldn't be...I don't think.). Anyone else having trouble?</p>

They seem to be aware that there is a problem. This is from their ecampus website:
4/29/06: Our recommended browser is Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. Users having difficulty logging into ecampus should send a message to <a href=""></a> or contact the IT Service Center at x5700. Please be sure to provide your name, ID, and email address. Technical updates are available on the Information Technology Alerts and Status page. </p>

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<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>We couldn't get ecampus to accept the financial aid page and did in person on the 18th. Son uses internet explorer, we have mozilla and it doesn't work with it as well, or not at all. So if your on ie and still having problems, it could be their server.</p>

<p>son just said to make the payments we had to use internet explorer.</p>

<p>We finally got online through ecampus. But when we went to make the payment with a credit card, we found they do NOT accept Visa...only Mastercard, Amex, and Discover. UGH. But we tried again using my master money debit card (a Master card) and it all processed just fine. Of course I mailed it all I have to call them Monday to explain why they are getting two!! Oh well...</p>

<p>We had the MC visa problem too. We chose the electronic check method. Don't have a MC debit/credit card. Only a visa. </p>

<p>At son's school this week they started compiling the list of schools and so on the kids are going to. I can't wait to see it. Sons friend since 1st grade got into Harvard, and some other Ivy's. Five kids got into Ivy's and more than one Ivy apiece. And a few are going to SCU as well.</p>

<p>We just got the health forms today from
scu. I knew this school was great, but their medical set up just made my opinion of them go up a few notch's. They can do lab services, limited pharmacy, and walk in emergencies, and scheduled appointments. They do primary care. All visits are free. It looks like if xrays , physical therapy or a specialist are needed they refer you. Their staffed with physicians, RNP's, physicians assistants,RN's, medical assistants, a health educator(in my book this is very important) and a nutritionist. They are open til 5 during the week. I also know they have EMT's on duty at night. They asked to be notified on the health history particularly of a history of asthma,diabetes, eating disorder, or mental illness. They list their undergraduate health insurance option if you don't have any or are not covered by an HMOaway from your home area, at $1207. Otherwise they want proof of health insurance.</p>

<p>Son will get a meningitis vaccine the end of this month, something I feel strongly about,and then he's good to go. This school looks to be serious about student safety and student health. Some of the really good LAC's we visited had strong concern, but they didn't offer this much for the students in terms of health services.</p>