Eckerd for students who aren't into water related activites?

<p>When we visited Eckerd, D loved it, and found the atmosphere to be open and inviting, and the students to be friendly and active, and really just enjoyed being there. The concern is that D just isn't into water sports like skiing and kayaking, sailing, or even swimming. She enjoys being around the on the beach lol, but she is not one who would typically choose to get IN the water. I realize that can change, but if it doesn't...Can Eckerd be good for students who aren't into the water activities, or is that really the majority of the social life there?
Right now, her major is more likely to be in the areas of anthropology, neuroscience, languages, probably not marine bio.</p>

<p>My guy hasn’t started yet, so I can’t give you his thoughts, but when we were there (2 visits) both times we met students who weren’t into water sports at all and they still enjoyed the place. One was giving us a tour.</p>

<p>I believe about 1/3rd of the students come in thinking Marine Sciences (2/3rds of those will change their mind once they get their feet wet). That would mean that 2/3rds come in planning to major in something else. She should have plenty of company. ;)</p>

<p>Hi shoboemom. My 2 children went to Eckerd, my son was an international business major and my daughter a marine science major. There are so many clubs and activities for those who do not want to participate in water related clubs. If you go to the Eckerd website, click on “campus life”, then click on “campus activities”. This will bring you to a page and menu describing the over 100 clubs and activities at Eckerd. It will also describe ECOS, Eckerd College Organization of Students. There is a list that breaks down activities that are academic and pre professional, arts and entertainment, outdor adventure, crossfit, frisbee, bike, equestrian, sports, media, multicultural, political and religious. You can also access the monthly calendar of events. These are in addition to activities that professors and the college sponsor. The comedy troupe, Another Man’s Trash, preformed at the Chicago Comedy Club this spring and the corale at Lincoln Center. My son was involved with the Model UN, language club, animee club and SIFE, (students in free enterprise). A local theater company is now headquartered at Eckerd and students are welcome to participate on stage and behind the scenes. The student newspaper has won many awards. The language club presented plays this year. There are lot of activities for the non marine science student. When you access the Eckerd website also click on the “about” tab then click on “arts and culture” on the drop down menu. This will give you a little info on college sponsored activites. About 88% of students live on campus, some of those that move off campus end up moving back to campus because of the activities and community spirit. If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me, I’m more than happy to help.</p>