Ecology undergraduate for MBA (Harvard, Standford, Yale) ?

<p>I am at the 1st year, Ecology degree. I am thinking right now after graduation to pursue the MBA degree. Please give me an advice.</p>

<p>Is it really suitable for HBS or other MBA programs?</p>

<p>Should I apply for 2+2 Harvard program or better directly. I have around of 2 years marketing working experience and 4 years of volunteering experience. Cultural experience in South America and China. Opened my own company 2 years ago, is pretty successful. I am living and studying in Europe.</p>

<p>Thank you in advance.</p>

<p>they will take people from non-traditional backgrounds, it can actually be an advantage in some cases, as you don’t get dropped in the same application bucket as the I-Bank/Consultant types who’ve been gunning for HBS since age 9</p>

<p>of course this is speaking very broadly, how well you can articulate why you want/need an MBA and how you’ve done grades/GPA/work exp wise are vitally important details…</p>