Econ 100B with Wood or Econ 101B with Gorodnichenko?

<p>I can't find any information about Gorodnichenko... I want to follow the Math route of Economics, but I also need to maintain a certain GPA to declare the major... it's also my first semester... so... does anybody have any information about Gorodnichenko?</p>

<p>Also, how important is Stat 134 for an Economics major and Math minor... I opted for Stat 20 at the last moment so I can declare the Economics major... and I was told that only a couple things from Stat 134 are of any use in Econometrics(Econ 141)... and those can be self-taught...</p>

<p>So far, I've...</p>

<p>Added Stat 20 Adhikari, A
Waitlisted Econ 101B Gorodnichenko, Y</p>

<p>I plan to Phase II
Math 53
(MAYBE!) Math 54...</p>

<p>If I don't Phase II Math 54, I'll add a DeCal. Thanks!</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm thinking of taking Math 53 and preparing for Math 54 in the Spring, then taking Math 54 in the Summer...</p>