Econ 100B

<p>So is Econ 100B with Olney harder than with Wood? Any thoughts? Would anyone recommend taking taking Econ 100A before 100B, since a lot of the econ electives have 100a as a prerequisite? Also does anyone who has taken a lot of Econ electives know if you can take an econ elective (and understand the class) without having completed the prerequisites of 100a and/or 100b?</p>

<p>Some of the electives that have 100a as a pre-req don’t really need it at all (like 119), while in others it can help (like 181/182). You can probably do fine in any elective except maybe 140 without having taken 100a. All things equal, I would probably take 100a first, but I would also consider which has the better professor in the semester.</p>



<p>So is Wood or Olney a better teacher? And does anyone know anything about Reynolds, who is teaching econ 100a this semester? Or does anyone know who’s teaching econ 100a next fall? Thanks</p>

<p>I would like to know as well, thanks!</p>

<p>I havn’t heard of Reynolds but Olney and Wood are both good. I’m not sure why Olney was even mentioned because she’s not teaching 100A or 100B next semester. Since 100A is at 8am, I would probably go with Wood in 100B.</p>

<p>Oh I was asking about Olney because I’m assuming she’s teaching 100B next fall? And my options are to take 100A this spring and 100B next fall or take 100B this spring and 100A next fall. It all depends on the professor…</p>

<p>One problem is that according to courserank, Wood gives like half the % of A’s that Olney gives, which worries me. So I’d rather take 100B with Olney</p>