Econ and Polsci Umich

<p>Hello, I'm a high school junior scouting for colleges, and I would like to ask some questions regarding Umich, particularly about the undergraduate economics and political science departments (my areas of interest):</p>

<p>-What is the overall academic quality of these departments? Quality of professors, class sizes, peers etc. </p>

<p>-How good is the job placement after graduation with these majors (mainly Econ)? I heard from some that it is notoriously bad for econ majors, are these rumors true?</p>

<p>If anyone asks, I am instate, with pretty solid grades and ec's. Any help would be appreciated!</p>

<p>The overall quality of those two departments is stellar. Economics is a borderline top 10 department while Political Science is arguably #1 in the nation, and definitely among the top 5. </p>

<p>The quality of the professors in those two departments is in keeping with the quality of the departments; the professors are world class. Although I do not have much experience with Political Science professors, I did major in Economics and found the professors very effective at teaching and interested in helping undergrads understand the material. As long as a student shows interest and makes the effort, the faculty will take good care of you. </p>

<p>Class sizes will tend to be large in those majors, not just at Michigan, but at most universities. Economics and Political Science are almost always among the 5 most popular majors at most universities, so classes in such majors will have large classes almost anywhere. </p>

<p>Job placement from Michigan is good. A Michigan degree will be well respected in any corporate environment. Given the size and success of the Michigan alumni base, there isn’t a single company from Silicon Valley to Wall Street that does not have an abundance of Michigan alumni at the executive level. This said, LSA’s career office (assuming you major in Econ and Political Science) is not as potent as Ross’ or the CoE’s. That may be the reason you heard that placement for Econ and Political Science majors is not as good. But it is not notoriously bad. It is just that placement for Ross and CoE are impressive by any standard. We’re talking close to 100% placement for graduates seeking work, and average starting salaries in the $65k range. LSA cannot compete with this for several reasons, but then again, nor can any straight up liberal arts college or college of arts and sciences. However, if you maintain a good GPA and take the initiative early and often, you will have no trouble finding a good job when you graduate. The Michigan brand is very powerful.</p>

<p>Thanks for your answers!</p>

<p>Another question: what is the plausibility of completing a double major in both polisci and economics while still graduating in 4 years?</p>

<p>Can’t tell you about Poly Sci /Econ, but D is well on her way to History/ECON double major in four years.</p>

<p>that double major is very doable in 4 years</p>