Econ at Dartmouth

<p>I was just at Dimensions, and I heard (from a couple students) that Econ at Dartmouth is ok, but not great. Any thoughts?</p>

<p>omg, its really good there. especially cause Tuck trickles down.</p>

<p>Hey Hands, it was nice to meet you at Dimensions! (It's so weird to attach faces to online names...) I was wondering what you thought of Dartmouth; it seemed like you were having a good time?</p>

<p>Anyway, to throw my two cents in about Econ: I am definitely a humanities person, but when I came home from Dimensions my mum accosted me with, "Oh, don't you want to major in Econ and go into I-Banking?" Gaahh, the department there is supposedly very, very good - good enough for my parents to try to force me into it. :D</p>

<p>Econ at Dartmouth is awesome, Dartmouth is one of the top business feeders in the country and all the top banks recruit on campus. Tuck actually doesnt trickle really down at all though...(like most MBA programs anywhere)</p>

<p>Hi Handsonthedash,</p>

<p>Hope you had a great time at Dimensions. D said nice things about you.</p>


<p>Dartmouth has recently added an economics study abroad component. </p>

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<p>In addition, depending on how you work your schedule and Prerequisites, you can doble major/minor in government and hopefully do a Study abroad in London at the London School of Economics and political Science (that would be 2 great study abroads)</p>

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<p>I'm an econ major, and I can say that my experience with Econ has been wonderful so far. The professors are good. The department is a bit big, but it's because it's so good. I've attempted to find rankings for the department, but I can't find somewhere where they rank by major. Bottom line- Dartmouth has to be good for some reason....they're not going to have a miserable major.</p>