Econ Major Transfer w/ Repeated Course

<p>I'm a Business Management Economics major at UC Santa Cruz who's looking to transfer... hopefully to a school better known for economics that provides better career opportunities for those going into the field of business finance.</p>

<p>Ideally I would like to get into a better UC, or another California public school, to save my parents money, but a private school would be nice also if it's worth it. The only thing that has held me back so far is that I've failed a course in my first year and got a C the second time around just this past quarter. The course was Calculus of Multiple Variables... not really relevant to my major but it was still an intro requirement for it. Doesn't look too good. My GPA overall now is about 3.4, but if I continue to do better up until next year it could probably get to around 3.6.</p>

<p>What options are there for me? Any recommendations? Thanks.</p>

<p>...bumpity dump bump bump.</p>

<p>I'd suggest waiting to apply next year, that way, it gives you time to put more A's on your transcript and show the adcoms that the F was a fluke.</p>

<p>partial derivatives + lagrange multipliers.. very relevant</p>

<p>anyway, I suggest applying to UCSD, UCSB and UCB for econ</p>