econ major vs aem pros and cons

<p>what are the pros and cons of majoring in economincs in cas and aem in cals, what are the main differences between them?</p>

<p>Majoring in Economics in CAS:</p>

<p>Economics in a Liberal Arts context</p>

<p>Relatively non-specific college distribution requirements (CAS)</p>

<p>Majoring in AEM in CALS:</p>

<p>Pre-professional business course track</p>

<p>Many more distribution requirements, namely, SCIENCE requirements (ick, if you're a business/econ person). Like you have to take the two bio courses that are truly for those majoring in the sciences, among other science classes, because you will be in the College of AGRICULTURE and LIFE SCIENCES. (the caps were to emphasize the science orientation of the program haha)</p>

<p>Recruitment (I think) by corporations after college, more so than an Econ major because you would be studying business (don't quote me on this, and I mean I KNOW that you can get an amazing IBanking job or whatever as an Econ major right out of college, or any major for that matter BUT I think that recruiters might first pick from successful Cornell business majors)</p>

<p>As for whether or not these are pros and cons, I guess that's a subjective issue. Basically, it's economics in the holistic, general sense (CAS) versus APPLIED economics and management (CALS), which is pre-professional, applied-to-the-business-world courses.</p>