Econ major with good grades looking for target schools

I’m currently looking for some more targets for my list. I just went on a bunch of walking tours around the DC schools and upstate NY LACs. I liked Hamilton and it’s rural location. I also appreciate the community aspect of smaller colleges or colleges with a distinct “college town.” I like Boulder, UVM, and UMASS as safeties. Colby, Hamilton and Midd as far reaches. I’d like something similar to any of these as target schools if possible.

Right now I just need some targets to look at.

I plan on majoring in Economics which is available at large schools or LACs, interested in misc. humanities and social sciences as minors…

One of the coasts or in the mountain west, preferably

Stats: 1300 SAT, will either retake or not submit; AP prediction: 4 Macro, 4 Micro, 5 Lang; 3.97 / 4.36; 6 Ap and 10 Honors by graduation.

ECs: Very average; 1 club; 2 JV sports; 3 jobs (not simultaneously); volunteer at church; NHS tutor; NHS; German NHS; one academic award

Thanks in advance

Did you visit Hobart and William Smith? There’s another lovely strong community. Lafayette and Gettysburg also come to mind.

Not to recommend even more upstate NY schools, but take a look at SUNY Geneseo, which is the NY public LAC, and Ithaca College if they’re not among your other upstate NY LACs.

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How about Bucknell, Lehigh, Lafayette, Richmond, Marist, and Vassar?


Thank you.

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Predicting your AP scores is not helpful, in my view.

Your class rank ?

Not recommendations, just suggestions for you to investigate:

Denison University & St. Lawrence University.

P.S. Based on the information shared in this thread, I have no understanding of who you are and very limited understanding of what you want.

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For economics, how much math do you want with it? Different schools teach economics with different levels of math intensity.

If you want to go on to PhD study in economics, more math is preferred, and additional advanced math beyond that is preferred.

My school does not do class rank…

Thanks for the suggestions…

Sorry I guess I should have gone further in depth beyond what I wanted out of a college town or small college…something similar to the colleges I mentioned including rural and outdoorsy student body…Can’t really think of much beyond that…let me know if there’s anything else you would like to know about what I want

I don’t really know at this point…a BS is preferred but at a LAC it doesn’t really matter to me…definitely not thinking as far ahead as a Phd though…

So I struggle that you want an LAC but then you throw in UMASS, UVM, and Colorado - all larger schools. I get the town aspetc.

I think you’re an unlikely for the top LACs - and many gave you great ones - but you might add:

Oberlin, Kenyon, Skidmore, Franklin & Marshall, Occidental, and for bigger schools UNC Asheville, Miami of Ohio, and some mentioned the SUNYs.

Good luck.

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@skinnyjimmy Dickinson looks like a great target for you. It’s a liberal arts school in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Carlisle is a lovely college town and the school is very much connected to the town. The town is surrounded by a rural area, with the Appalachian mountains nearby and great hiking trails frequented by students. They have an economics major, plenty of humanities/social science minors, and with a 1300 SAT, you are a likely admit.

I would have to agree with @zebralover10 that Dickinson is a great option. They do have an Outing Club that students can join if they want to take trips during the weekend and hike, swim, ski, kayak, etc. The school is also very environmental and has its own farm and students are more than welcome to volunteer there and get outdoors. I am personally from Boulder, Colorado and while the area is beautiful and the school campus is lovely, it is a very big school and there is not much of a community aspect there. However, if you want to look into Colorado as an option, there is Colorado College which is a LAC in Colorado Springs.

I agree - Colorado College in Co Springs is a great option.

Cal Poly SLO and Southern Oregon are smallish west coast - college town option.

Good luck

A few others you consider include Union and Franklin and Marshall and St Lawrence.