Econ Major

hey, y’all! I wanted to apply in the fall as an Econ major at UCLA and hopefully pursue law school after that. Lately, I’ve been hearing very troubling things about Econ at UCLA. Is it as daunting as everyone says? Also, I am debating on European Studies/Jewish Studies/ Iranian Studies as my alternate, but assist does not have any prereqs. What should I choose?



I’ve heard frightening things about UCLA’s Econ. If you want to do Econ at UCLA and proceed to go to a top law school, good luck. I’m sure the grade deflation is pretty bad in that major. Possible of course, but Econ definitely isn’t the easiest major to go to law school with.

Definitely possible, though. It’s just tat, from what I know about UCLA Econ and law school, it isn’t the best route - unless of course you’re insanely passionate about Econ.

@goldencub do you have a better major in mind?

Didn’t you make a thread regarding Soc? Perhaps that would be better?

Major in whatever you wish, but try to do something that gives you skills that law schools value.

Thank you!

What are your stats?

4.0 @NDN

all prereqs finished

You’ll be fine for Econ I got in with 3.85. What about your ecs and are you in tap?

Yes, I am. the thing is okay fine i got in, but how about maintaining my GPA once I am in.

Econ major at Berkeley here. Econ seems like the purgatory major for law school hopefuls. Your GPA will be lower relative to other humanities and you don’t benefit from the difficulty “boost” that is otherwise associated with hard STEM. Considering GPA is huge for law admissions and that Econ really doesn’t help you with the LSAT, maybe, ceteris paribus, you should consider a similar but different major.

Political Economy for example. ( I’m sure UCLA has something similar.

I can confirm that Econ at UCLA can be brutal(Have friends in the major). Well, the weeder classes that econ majors have to take, anyway. Those classes wreck lives, lol.

As for those alternate majors…well, choose the one you like most. Can’t go wrong with any of them.

agree with they rest of them… former Math/Econ major here… (as Hard as Econ is it aint as hard as Math :wink: ) what makes Econ hard is not the subject matter, but the Grade Curves…

If you want to be a patent lawyer you need a science or engineering major. That’s probably off the list for you, in which case you can major in anything. You can find more advice on law school prep online or in books about law admission, but generally they suggest courses that involve a lot of reading and producing papers.