Econ Majors help!

<p>What are the mandatory math classes you must take for econ. How many classes per semester do people usually take? how much can we overload? thanks for your help!</p>

<p>i'm an incoming freshman for econ major too :D
Well i'm planning to double major in math & econ. As far as i know, econ majors only need to take 8 econ classes of 3000 and over. intermed micro and macro econ are prerequisite for econ majors. </p>

<p>"Major Requirements
The major itself requires a total of 8 courses at the 3000 level or above, with grades of C- or better. At least six of these courses must be at 3000-level, and must include:</p>

<li>Econ 3130 (Intermediate Micro) and 3140 (Intermediate Macro);</li>
<li>Either Econ 3210 (Applied Econometrics), or
Econ 3190 (Statistics) and Econ 3200 (Econometrics)."</li>

<p>This is from the website.</p>

<p>And I'm also curious about workload for average econ majors!</p>

<p>there are prerequisites of Calc 2 for at least intermediate micro, so you might want to take that. thing is that I think Calc 1 would have been totally adequate for the course I took.</p>

<p>[Courses</a> of Study 2009-2010](<a href=""&gt;;/p>

<p>it says calculus only, not which one. strange.</p>

<p>You need Intro Macro, Intro Micro, and Calc I to declare yourself an econ major. Other than that I don't believe any further math is required. Though if you plan on going to graduate school for econ, plan on taking a lot more math than just calc I.</p>

<p> I am realizing I was confused...calc 2 is not required. sorry.</p>