Econ/ Managerial Econ

<p>1) How good, in terms of prestige and recruitment/salary after grad, is the econ and managerial econ major at Davis.</p>

<p>2) On the UCD website, the econ major is 61-64 units, but you need to have completed 180 units to graduate. Does this mean that you would have to take another major or minor to build up 180 units. I might be completely wrong but that’s what i thought the website meant.
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<p>You don't HAVE TO pick up another major, but you may wish to do so. The 180 number is shared by all UC Davis students - you need 180 units to obtain an undergraduate degree, regardless of the major. Sure, there's GE's to cover, but you'll still have a lot of room for a 2nd major or maybe a double minor if you major in econ.</p>

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<p>and go to SocSci - Full Time employment and download the pdf, it's sorted by major. I'd say median is 35k.</p>

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<p>A little outdated, n= number. Only 26 people were in Finance/Accounting, out of the 635 interviewed...not sure what that means about ability of UCD to place its students. Really depends on how well you do in class and your extra activities, I'd say that the business opportunities (internships) are ok at UC Davis (including commuting to Sac), but nothing extraordinary. Hard to get an internship while in school b/c have to commute to Sac for small company internships, and the major good internships are in San Francisco/San Jose area.</p>

<p>This is too outdated to have any relevance.</p>