Econ/Music major.. Wesleyan and Vassar!!

<p>Hello everybody,</p>

<p>I know that there are millions of posts concerning this dilemma but I started this thread because I couldn't find the info I needed in those posts.</p>

<p>For a while now I was pretty sure about applying ED to Vassar. Many aspects of Vassar, such as its artsy student body, strong academics etc. seemed pretty fitting for me. More I researched more it felt "right" for some reason compared to other LACs.</p>

<p>However, as my research continued, Wesleyan started to seem like an option too. In fact more I read about it, more I got the feeling that Wes has better academics and overall is a better experience than Vassar (for example in Fiske guide Wes academics have 5 stars while Vassar's has 4 and a half). However I am aware that looking at academics as a whole is not the appropriate way to look at this since different departments can their weaknesses and strengths in each school.</p>

<p>So, as a person who is planning to double major in econ and music I want ask how these two departments compare. </p>

<p>Music-wise, composition is my main concern. However electronic music and electric bass instruction are also important factors while deciding. If people who are attending or knows these schools can give me general knowledge about these aspects I will be grateful. Also any information about the music scene general will be appreciated (especially info about independent student-bands).</p>

<p>About econ, I know that both these schools are strong at economics but I still use some information about both econ programs. I am planning to attend to grad school after college instead of going professional instantly so you can consider this while answering.</p>

<p>Finally, I may minor or at least take classes about philosophy, political science, art history , sociology, cognitive science etc. (not all of them of course ) So any insights about these these departments will also help me a lot.</p>

<p>Unfortunately I am unable to visit the schools since I am an international student so I don't have to option to visit and see which feels "right".</p>

<p>I know there is a lot of questions here and believe me your answers to any of these questions is appreciated. Thank you in advance.</p>

<p>FWIW, the publisher of the Fiske Guide is a Wesleyan grad.....</p>

<p>Hahaha well I didn't know that :)</p>

<p>May I suggest posting this in Vassar and Wesleyan's threads?</p>