Econ transfers

<p>I was wondering if anyone has had experience, or knows someone who transferred as an econ major at emory.</p>

<p>I am asking this because i read on the econ website that emory does not accept econ courses from other instituions, and that even though your courses may be accepted by admissions, they wont be accepted for the major.</p>

<p>this is what it says
Courses taken at another institution, before or after enrolling at Emory, will not count toward the major unless written permission is given by the director of undergraduate studies, even if the College has accepted credit for the courses.
Emory</a> Economics: Requirements for Majors & Minors


wth? then how can you possibly graduate with a major if you transfer?</p>

<p>Something tells me that you can get permission from the director. Maybe call up the Econ dept. and speak with an advisor - they would know for sure.</p>