Econ vs Finance Planning

<p>I am currently a sophomore at u of i and I cannot get into the college of business. I went towards the civil engineering path but I doubt I will transfer in with my GPA slightly under 3.0. I was always interested in business and have a couple alternatives in that field. In the college of LAS, I could major in economics and possibly double major in math (heard having a dual degree with math and econ really distinguishes you between over graduates) or I could apply to the college of ACES under the college of Agriculture, Consumer, and Economics and get my Financial Planning major or Consumer Economics and Finance. Which degree would be most beneficial for me if I want to go towards investing in stocks?</p>

<p>Well I've taken GCE A Level Economics, since last year and it's very interesting. It was also, surprisingly mathematical. Doing mathematics, particularly statistics will help. Although, if it isn't integrated into the Economics course I'm not sure how beneficial it will be.</p>