Economics+Accounting Classes + Com Sci (BA)Minor

<p>I am currently a community college student looking to transfer to UCB as an econ (most likely) or a business major. Just few months ago, my major was biz ad, but, after consulting my econ prof, I switched my major to econ. However, I also am interested in taking the accounting classes available at UCB and the computer science classes. I am wondering whether its possible to take the CPA preparation classes and may be some other biz classes with comsci minor (or double major) as an econ major... and graduate in 2 years after transferring. (cause i heard berkeley wont let you stay more than 4 years or 2 years for transfer students like me).</p>


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<p>Comp Sci classes in Berkeley are generally difficult as they are geared towards people who have significant programming experience. Econ + Accounting Classes don't seem to sound that difficult so that's definitely possible. I dunno the CPA requirements though.</p>

<p>The CS minor has quite a few requirements, but assuming you survive the cs61 series with fairly good or decent grades (C+/B-) then you shouldnt have a problem declaring it as a minor. Getting those grades, however, might not be too good for your GPA, especially if youre looking at an econ major though. I dont know if this is different for you since youre a transfer, but I suspect it will be similar if you haven't taken any 61-similar courses (listed on</p>

<p>The rest of the classes, while not few (cs70, and 3 upper divs, which may all require some other prereqs) will not be quite as difficult.</p>

<p>These are the classes you need to take in preparation for the CPA exam:
102A, 102B, 120A, 120B, 121, 126, 127 (don't quote me on the last three)</p>

<p>All those classes above are correct. Also UGBA 122 needs to be taken.</p>