Economics and Finance VS Elecrical and Comptuer Engineering

<p>I like both of this majors but i can't seem to choose which one to major on. Any help?</p>

<p>Which are you better at?</p>

<p>im really good in mathematics, and im the guy with best computer skills i know but i dont know im not sure about working in a computer all day and not really know the jobs you can get with an ECE degree</p>

<p>Unless you're in a very tough financial position, I think it would be foolish to make a decision based on immediate job prospects. Both educations will give you a marketable degree and good salary/benefits. </p>

<p>You should really be thinking about what you will enjoy doing during college and after. Do you have a passion for either? Are you familiar with the coursework? Crack open a textbook and go over a few chapters. Try to find something that you have a knack for. Also, make sure that it fits your personality.</p>

<p>i love algebra not so much calculus, currently economics and calculus are my favorite subjects, and i hate chemistry and physics doesnt do it for me</p>

<p>The thing about these two subjects is that they're different enough that you should be able to pick a favorite with a little thought. Research them a little more and a favorite will begin to stand out, then it'll be pretty obvious which you should do.</p>

<p>bump lol i still have the same question</p>

<p>If you hate physics, dont do electrical engineering.....THERES A WHOLE LOT PHYSICS!</p>

<p>Holy crap man. Both of those are technical majors. You will not become a better person by studying either. They are just gateways to a career. Figure out which career you want to pursue and study that major (assuming that you're equally competent in both majors...if you aren't then choose the one you're better at, success will follow).</p>