Economics and Policy Studies

<p>I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the economics department at Rice. I know it is not one of the strongest departments at Rice, but how do students like it and how well are their graduates doing. I am a transfer student and their department is absolutely better than my current school's dept, but I am trying to figure out if it is worth 35,000 dollars of debt for 2 years.
Any help would be more than appreciated.</p>

<p>All I know is it is their most popular major, so the dept can't be too horrible.</p>

<p>for econ at rice, no it's not worth that amount of debt because you likely will have to go search for a job after graduation if you want like investment banking as the major financial companies do not recruit at Rice and i know this, b/c i have done research on this. I got into Rice as a freshman, and since then, I have contemplated perhaps transfering to Rice as I don't like Cornell that much. However, all of the major companies recruit at cornell. JP Morgan was here last year and UBS was here the other day.</p>

<p>Actually, I have friends at Rice who have gotten jobs at plenty of companies like Merrill-Lynch, AIM Investments, Morgan-Stanley, etc. Tons of people also go into consulting with firms like AIG and McKinsey. If you are interested in those things, you will be able to pursue them at Rice. Rice also runs a job search trip to NYC just for people looking for such opportunities, so if a certain company is unable to come to us, we go to them!</p>

<p>Does Rice have very much pull in the northeast? I also applied to Cornell. If I don't get into cornell, I will be deciding between UVa and Rice with the same amount of debt for either one. I am not really looking at investment banking (although it's and option). I really want to get a job as an assistant researcher or something like that in the public sector. The reason main reason I am looking to transfer is becasue I want to have good opportunites to research and get into a really good school for public policy (princeton, uchicago, harvard). Would the econ dept at Rice give be a good shot at those after working for a few years? Does the econ dept have a good rate of grad school placement? I called and tried to ask but I got the runaround. They could only give me university wide stats.
Sorry for the long windedness.</p>

<p>Your best bets for getting stats about job placement in the econ department would be to call or e-mail either the career services center, or better yet, the department chair of econ.</p>

<p>for Econ, i would take Cornell, they have great recruiting here and grad placement is great.</p>

<p>I have applied as a transfer to Rice, i actually decided to in the last few days, and i got in as a freshman, but i am not going after econ.</p>

<p>I am applying for bio, don't let me down Rice, had to do a lot of convincing to my parents to let me apply just like the first time around. But this time, I will actually visit!</p>