<p>I'm a junior interested in majoring in economics/business in college. I was wondering which colleges you would recommend I look into as reaches/matches/safeties?</p>

<li>My GPA's around 3.8-3.9 unweighted, and about 4.1-4.2 weighted.</li>
<li>SAT score's are about 1450 (around 2150/2400 on new SAT) and 750-800 for SAT ii's.</li>
<li>EC's: I have about 4 solid EC's with long-term commitment, a few solid awards (NMS Commended, Honor Roll, Debate Excellence Award), internships with banks, ~500 hours of community service, and there's another EC which I believe is my strong point, explained in the next subpoint.</li>
<li>Started an organization which helps needy children in my homeland. The organization's helped ~50-100 needy kids with college scholarships, #4, 10, 11 biggest cities in the country helped, 5 colleges and high schools helped. I started the non-profit organization by myself, and many have recognized it. I'm hoping it gains some recognition/award(s) by distinguished institutions. (It takes up about 20-25 hours/week and occassional trips to the country since there's about 10 part-time employees in the organization)</li>
<li>My personality has been shaped by my father extreme poverty (living in the slums and starving many times), and even my relative's poverty. Each time I see a fellow human suffering without necessities, it hurts more since it's something my family has experienced. That's the main point I'm trying to let colleges know about myself, as I hope I showed through starting the organization.</li>

<p>That being said, I'm interested in which colleges would be reaches/matches/safeties? To give you an idea of where I'm planning to apply: NYU Stern, UPenn, Columbia, Stanford, Yale, UofChicago, UofMichigan,UC Berkeley, USC, Boston College, Georgetown, Boston U...</p>

<p>Thanks for taking the time to read the post, and extra thanks if you can comment!</p>

<p>Yale, Penn, Columbia, Stanford are all tough admits even for students with your background. Consider them reaches.</p>

<p>More in the ballpark are Chicago, NYU, USC, BC, and Georgetown.</p>

<p>With the state schools, the difficulty of admission depends a lot on whether you are in-state or out-of-state.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input; it's kind of what I'm expecting to, with my stats. Anyone else?</p>

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