Economics Courses a Prerequisite for Wharton?


<p>I am currently a Junior considering applying to Wharton. However, I have not taken any economics courses during high school (and yes they were offered). Will this severely hurt my chances of getting into Wharton and are economics courses a prerequisite for selection?</p>

<p>Nevertheless, my activities throughout high school do show an active involvement and interest in business as:
1) I am President of Future Business Leaders of America
2) I own a successful online retail business with a cash flow exceeding $100,000 annually.</p>

<p>Hence, do you think my extracurriculars make up for me not taking Econ or will they laugh and not take me seriously?</p>


<p>i didn't take any econ classes. tried to every year that I could, but for some reason they'd screw me over for scheduling every year. </p>

<p>i dunno. business experience definitely helps. try to self-study econ if you can if you can't take it</p>

<p>they wont realllly care....and your business experience is already enough (IMO)</p>

<p>dostoyevski, ti russki? ya russki yivrai.</p>

<p>In my opinion your retail business alone will be fine.</p>

<p>yeah thats awesome. do you have a web site?</p>

<p>PS Do you make 100k per yr or is that how much money is brought in?</p>

<p>da, ya tozha ruski yivrai....otkooda tuy?</p>

<p>tuy mozhish samnoi pagavareet na AIM yesly hochesh</p>

<p>cashflow means that they recieve that much money a year, doesnt really relate to profit that well (depending on business)</p>

<p>also, i've read a few posts where ppl have large income and lots of business experience but still don't get in</p>

<p>Wait, 1 quetsion.</p>

<p>i know economics is important to wharton.
what if, i play the stock market GAME. I started with a million dollars, ended with 4-5 million. a 400% profit increase in 3 and a half years.</p>

<p>would they take this into consideration? (i.e. will they say..hmm..unique)</p>

<p>or, just think it's stupid and ignore it</p>

<p>lol chanman. i dont think winning a stock market game = knowledge acquired. it could just be luck!</p>

<p>400% tho! haha .</p>

<p>so, in other words, they probably wont care and will ignore it.</p>

<p>you know what i say put it. but maybe leave out the 400% part. being involved in the stock market (even in a game) for 3 1/2 yrs as a high schooler looking to attend wharton is worth mentioning.</p>

<p>What if you got a 320% starting when I was 12 and a half and now 16 in the stock market with real cash? And now starting Currency trading aquiring 35% in a span of 2 1/4 months and starting a investment group with another partner specialising in automation of trading systems. Lets hope this makes up for my pretty bad GPA hehe.</p>

<p>Like I said to chanman, I think all of those things will be greatly expected. Maybe a good way to do it would to play up your earnings over the percent. I'm sure they want to see that you took the market seriously & just did not gamble.</p>

<p>Nevertheless, those things you mentioned will draw attention in a positive way.</p>

<p>*expected = respected
*just did not gamble = did not just gamble</p>

<p>don't know how that happened. :)</p>

<p>I gotcha. But I wouldnt gamble with investors money. Not when I can make a risk free 25% of all the profits. :) Well half of 25% because my partner also needs pay.</p>


<p>yes, i understand that</p>

<p>a game is considered 'gambling'-really, it is
i had no idea it rose 400% until i checked a week ago</p>

<p>if it was real...and i quadroupled my earnings...that'd be crazy</p>

<p>so yea, i think and hope that they'll smile at it, but prolly not dazzle at it.</p>

<p>Ironically, I think it is possible that putting this on you're app would have a negative effect. Particularly if you want to pride yourself on making insane amounts of money. They will think why would you need to go to their school if you are already succesful?</p>

<p>Talk about a double edged sword. Both my partner and I need to think about this. How can we put this to their attention without sounding too over the top? Maybe have someone who has invested with us write a rec or a letter perhaps?</p>