Economics for Marshall Transfer

<p>I am in my first year at a CC and I have taken Micro Economics already and I am enrolled in Macro Economics for next semester. I am concerned that I am wasting my time because I heard that you have to take Econ at USC. Does anybody know if this is true?</p>


<p>Everyone going into Marshall has to go through Econ-251x and Econ-252x, even if you have AP or transfer credit. Hell, I'm trying to transfer in to dual major as an Economics major and I have to take these.</p>

<p>Ok, Thank you toku808. So would you suggest taking Macro Econ at my CC this semester for preparation, or would you say it would be better to just get a GE out of the way?</p>

<p>Honestly, I'd just take the GE. THose things are a headache.</p>