Economics for someone with avg. stats

<p>I know posts come up asking for economics schools, but these people usually have great stats. I know UChicago, etc. are great for economics. But I don't have stats to get in there. I want to get into a good Economics program and hopefully after a year or two transfer into a much better program(Columbia would be ideal.) However, if all transfers fail, I want to have a good Economics program behind me.</p>

<p>What I want from a school:
-Good Economics Program
-Urban/Suburban Location
-Good Recruiting(Big Finance Companies-such as the recruiting Fordham's Ugrad Bschool gets, which is good but not too great)
-Religious is not a problem, at all. But neither is a very liberal campus. </p>

<p>Now, for my stats.
White Catholic Male
New York State Resident
GPA: 3.4-3.5 Unweighted GPA(No honors or AP Classes offered)
1850-1900 SAT(based off prac tests- say 550m 650v 650w-this is close to what i got last time)
4 Years Basketball Team(Not good enough for recruiting)
Boys State </p>

<p>thats about it... so whats best economic programs I can look at? Safeties/Matches/Reaches would be liked. I don't mind region, but gotta ask for a school with some name recognition and recruiting. Don't want to go to unheard of state U. or a college that everyone will have to ask 100 questions about.</p>

<p>Think about Arizona State. It's a huge school in a big city, their business school is pretty good, and one of their econ profs won the Nobel Prize a few years back, I believe. And your scores fit well there.</p>

<p>Tempe isn't really a big city, it's close to phoenix though.</p>

<p>Sorry about not including earlier, but places like Arizona and South Florida are basically off-limits because of the heat, as I'm very heat sensitive.</p>

<p>Denison University
Indiana University-Bloomington
Sarah Lawrence College
University of Minnesota-Minneapolis
University of Wisconsin-Madison</p>

<p>I would say Indiana- Bloomington, Babson, Bentley, or American</p>

<p>time for the bump</p>

I agree with Pasch that Babson and Bentley in Boston are excellent options. Both schools definately have name recognition where it counts. . . future employers. Check out the websites, URLs below.<br>
If your math SAT score is an accurate reflection of your skills, you may want to consider investigating the math requirements and tutoring and support services available at various colleges. </p>

<pre><code> Bentley is easier to get into than Babson - Bentley may be a match/reach and Babson a reach. A friend's son was advised by guidance to apply ED to Bentley (it was his top choice) and he had higher math SATs, higher GPA and A/P Calculus. His ECs were very strong including leadership. He was accepted.

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<p>Babson and Bentley would both be good choices. Bentley has really started to catch up to Babson in recent years though.</p>

<p>Last year the 25-75% SAT difference between the two schools was 40 something points in favor of Babson.</p>

<p>This year the 25-75% SAT scores for each are only 30 points apart.</p>

<p>Bentley is the place to be for finance and accounting. More quantitative stuff.</p>

<p>Babson is the one for more management/entreprenurial types.</p>