Economics Help Please!!!

<p>Hey guys/gals, I'm in need of some help. I am current a Berkeley student with Sophomore status and declared Econ Major, but just found out during telebears that I was unable to register for Economics 140 class because I have not fulfilled the 100 or 101 series. I am planning to finish the 100A-100B series this Fall semester and was wondering if I am in trouble for the next 3 semesters because I've checked out the Upper Div Econ Courses and most of them seem to require the Econ 140 pre-req and I will be taking that next semester, thus making me fall behind with my Econ Upper Divs. What can I do about this? Is there any way around, maybe asking the advisor to let me take Econ 140 and other Upper Divs at the same time so I won't be behind? In serious need of help, thanks all in advance.</p>

<p>uh, what? I'm going to be a junior and I haven't taken Econ 140. In fact, I'm leaving it until my very last semester so it won't look that bad on my transcript to graduate school. Most people take Econ 140 last because it's a KILLER course.</p>

<p>I took the 100 series last year though. Most courses do not require the Econ 140 prereq, but they require the 100/101 series prereqs. So you should be fine if you finish the 100 series by this fall.</p>