Economics in a high rank university OR Accounting in a very low rank? which one worth it

I’m wondering which one of those could be the right decision to make.
I’m an international student in Nederland and I have been admitted in Economics ( in one of the top 50 university in the world), while I also got an offer in US which university ranking is not even among 1000 in the world. Assuming in US there is transfer program and with a good GPA there is a possibility to transfer and therefore obtain your degree in a good one, which option you think is more fit to me? Considering job prospect as well as improving my English language in case.

Can you tell us what the universities are, we might be able to help you better.

in the Netherlands, university of Groningen ( Economics and Business Economics)
in US, Minnesota State University Moorhead (Accounting)
is that easy after one semester transfer to another university if my GPA be above 3? What about community colleges, as far as I know after 2 years transferring would be available but then again I have no idea whether it’s really possible or not and how much I get chance to make it. I’m really confused, on one hand I really wanna attend my degree in a reputable institution, on the other hand things like improving my English and finding job easier are much more important to me. Furthermore, in the Netherlands the course length will be 3 years, while in US will be 4. Moreover, my plan for attending my master is studying Finance in US and importantly in a good University.

Transferring after a semester depends on the school. Some schools will accept transfers with just 12 units, but some require more units.

Both MSU - Moorhead and U of Gronigen seem to be accredited by the AACSB

So is your hope to work in the United States eventually?

I’d strongly consider staying in the Netherlands for your undergrad and working to improve your English writing skills during college. I don’t expect that it would be worth coming to the US for MSU- Morehead and transfers can never be assured.

Also, international transfers get nobody or almost none.
Did you not get into another university than MSU Morrhead if you got into Groningen?
Or could you defer from Groningen, consider the year in Moorhead a sort-of gap year to improve your English and live in a different culture, then return to the Netherlands?

yeah hopefully, what’d be Ur advise?

But what if I want to study for my further education and work in US? I guess getting a degree in US would be more appreciate in labour market instead a degree in Europe? wouldn’t be?

well actually I’m from Iran ( unfortunately) and due to the visa ban I can’t think of another opportunity. I gotta make my decision as soon as possible 'cuz now they’re getting Visa still and who knows what will happened.

Well you won’t get a student visa if you say you want to stay and work - you only get a student visa is you go to STUDY.

Are those your only two acceptances?

Could you apply to Canada?

ranking only really makes an impact when youre applying for your first job. It allows you to start higher on the totem pole and work your way up from there.
if you don’t have a preference in major you should choose the more prestigious school
however, you should know that regardless of your choice if you work hard youll be successful regardless of choice so just choose what you feel fits what you want to do in the future better. (even if itll take a couple more years to reach the same level of income)

Academically, it looks like no contest. Nothing against MSUM, (it’s not even the best college in that small town), but Groningen appears to be a world class University. It might as well be Oxford, compared to MSUM.

It seems like your idea is to get an immigration toehold into the US by going to school there, which is a whole different subject.

I live in Minnesota and there is no way I’d let my son’s go to school at Morehead

It is really a moot point as the OP would have had to decide by 5/1.

What about Canada? Accounting in University of Manitoba or Concordia? My problem is I think with economics degree -no matter in which school - the chance of getting a job is much lower than accounting degree. I’d prefer to study in Econ and it’s more interesting to me. However, in terms of finding a job which is vital, accounting appears to be a better idea. Moreover, Econ needs a couple of years more studying to get the proper education and be an economist, while a bachelor for accounting would be enough. Yet, think of working as an accountant for a long period of my life is driving me crazy. So, you can see how difficult is to make a decision by considering all these factors.

If you would want to work as an accountant in the USA, it’s important to remember that becoming a CPA is the end goal.