Economics major

Hey guys! I am an incoming freshman. I am in the College. Any Econ majors here? How is the workload?

I wanted to major in Economics but I am not sure yet. Is Economics alone can find you good jobs after graduation? Or do I need to double major or minor to boost my chances? If so, which ones would you recommend? In general I wanted to know everything about econ major so any advice will be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Pennโ€™s econ department is outstanding. It will be challenging, but you can definitely get a job with only an Econ degree. If you want to add a minor, I would consider math.

Our econ majors are extremely successful in finding jobs. The link below will take you to the Penn Career Services Senior Survey which lists the types of jobs that econ majors took from the class of 2014 and where they took them. Furthermore, you can find average salary information there as well.

@penguiny Penn econ is definitely outstanding and grads are super successful in getting top jobs.