Economics major

<p>Hi everyone, I'd like to study Economics as my undergrad major as a way to enter the world of business for grad studies (MBA). I have applied to 7 colleges for econ but i don't know which degree would be better (BA, BS) and where would be better to study, in the CAS or in a Business school. For instance, I've been accepted to the School of business administration at Marquette University for Business Economics, and also to Brandeis University for econ.
Other schools i've applied to are:
Boston U.</p>

<p>Which school do you think has a better econ program?</p>

<p>I would recommend BU.</p>

<p>I was thinking to narrow the list down to Brandeis, BU, Marquette and Villanova.</p>

<p>I like colgate a lot, so overall I'd say colgate, but I don;t really know much about its econ department.</p>