Economics textbook.

Hi! I’m self-studying for the AP Macroeconomics this year I was wondering which textbook I should get. I won’t have to buy it, our school gets it for us. So, I’m between the Mankiw and the Connell and Brue book. Which one should I ask for?

I personally am using the mcconnell and hate it

The concepts don’t change if you pick a different author. I use an older version of Mankiw’s, but I like McConnell’s better. Just buy an older version (used or new, your choice) of whichever one is cheaper.

I know the concepts don’t change but which book follows the AP syllabus better?

I’m currently taking AP Macroeconomics. Our textbook is Economics: Principles & Policy by Baumol and Blinder. The textbook covers Macro and Micro so you wouldn’t use all of it.

I’d say McConnell follows the syllabus and has a special AP edition of the textbook as well. Just search for it on Amazon.

My class used Krugmans…I was really happy with it