ECOS engaged living?

<p>hey everyone! I'll be a freshman at Furman next year, and I'm trying to decide where to live. Does anyone have any wisdom on engaged living, particularly the ECOS program?</p>

<p>your best bet for info on this subject is to join the facebook Incoming frosh page.</p>

<p>it is a cool program though if you can do it. Lakeside cabins with about 4 per room with your own private parking and perhaps the best lake view on campus</p>

<p>The lakeside cabins aren't for freshmen. Only sophomores and older can live there. They are awesome, though.</p>

<p>My daughter did the engaged living ECOS and really enjoyed it. Two years ago engaged living was in Gambrell and last year they lived in Townes where she was a FRAD. Engaged living was great for jumping in and getting involved. They students ate together did once a month birthday parties. Since we live so far away it was nice for her to have a group to belong to right away.</p>