ECs Advice Needed

<p>I'm HS Sophomore. I want to attend Williams, Amherst, Stanford, Yale, etc I think you get the picture. Academically, I'm doing great. I'm taking the most challenging coureseload. I have a strong interset in politics, int'l rel., law. Do u guys know of summer programs or how i can find my hook so i can stand out from other applicants. Also, what kind of awards can I receive to standout in Academics.</p>

<p>If you're interested in law, why not contact your county's bar association and ask them if they have any programs. If there is a university near you and they have a law school, check out their website to see if they have any outreach programs.</p>

<p>Debate, MUN, and mock trial would be good things for you. What ECs are you participating in right now? Keep in mind it's good to have just a few you care about than a laundry list of activities.</p>

<p>For summer, a nice program is Boys or Girls State. There's the National Youth Forum on Law and I don't know much about this program. People to People Future Leaders Summit is another one. (Or am I wrong?) I'm not sure if these programs will seperate or highlight you but if you're interested in this type of thing, go for it (and if you can cough up the money as well). </p>

<p>Once you find something that you enjoy deeply and you're passionate about it and you can express that, it could be a hook. </p>

<p>As for academics, well, you could apply for essay competitions and things of that nature. <a href=""&gt;;/a> </p>

<p>If you do well in your ECs and garner awards then good for you.</p>