ECs Advice Needed

<p>I'm HS Sophomore. I want to attend Williams, Amherst, Stanford, Yale, etc I think you get the picture. Academically, I'm doing great. I'm taking the most challenging coureseload. I have a strong interset in politics, int'l rel., law. Do u guys know of summer programs or how i can find my hook so i can stand out from other applicants. Also, what kind of awards can I receive to standout in Academics.Finally, my ECs don't have any leadership roleswhat can I do to show dedication.</p>

<p>biggest mistake- don't do things to "find a hook". do things that you want to do. Either next year or the year after (or perhaps even after that), you'll look around and not know what you're doing. You need to do things for yourself otehrwise it will all collapse. It is sad to look back and see that you spent all of high school to get into college. Think if that pattern continued: you'd do everything in college for grad school, grad school for a job, a job to get promosted, etc, etc you die without ever living for yourself, only to serve others and what you think they want. Live for NOW!</p>

<p>You'll get leadership roles in the things youre active in and you'll get awards for what you stand out in. I am in no way telling you not to strive for these things, but take them as they come.</p>