ECs Advice Needed

<p>I'm HS Sophomore. I want to attend Williams, Amherst, Stanford, Yale, etc I think you get the picture. Academically, I'm doing great. I'm taking the most challenging coureseload. I have a strong interset in politics, int'l rel., law. Do u guys know of summer programs or how i can find my hook so i can stand out from other applicants. Also, what kind of awards can I receive to standout in Academics.Finally, my ECs don't have any leadership roles what can I do to show dedication.</p>

<p>Try to focus on one outside activity in particular to pour a lot of your energy into - one really good activity is better than an assortment of HS clubs. Consider doing something different - starting an original outside activity of your own is better than, say, being president of the French club. Sometimes, even within the context of an existing activity you can innovate, e.g., start a new program within a club.</p>

<p>Most importantly, participate in activities you really enjoy. Don't do things because you think an adcom will like them. If you are doing something you like, it won't seem like work, and you'll accomplish more. Good luck.</p>