ECs Advice Needed

<p>I'm HS Sophomore. I want to attend Williams, Amherst, Stanford, Yale, etc I think you get the picture. Academically, I'm doing great. I'm taking the most challenging coureseload. I have a strong interset in politics, int'l rel., law. Do u guys know of summer programs or how i can find my hook so i can stand out from other applicants. Also, what kind of awards can I receive to standout in Academics.Finally, my ECs don't have any leadership roleswhat can I do to show dedication.</p>

<p>u shouldn't do stuff like that for the sole purpose of getting into college, you should do activities because you enjoy doing them. Also, the colleges ask how many hours a week you spend on each EC, so you could show your dedication there</p>

<p>Exactly. The entire purpose of ECs is for you to pick the ones that you like. Colleges want to see who you are, so if they see a laundry list of ECs, they're going to know you did it just to put it on your application. Find something you're passionate about and go after that. The leadership should come (note: should) naturally if it's something you truly enjoy. It'll make you happier in the end, anyways :)</p>

<p>agree with all said above (or below), but you could also read some college admissions books like "A is for.." to get a become a bit more informed. Of course it all depends - if you're applying for 2005, then it's a bit late now...</p>