ECs and the time spent doing them?


<p>I've been doing one of my ECs-- tae kwon do--- for approximately five years. However, I've recently had to stop because of body issues. This means I've only done it for one year of high school. Is it worth putting it on my application because I've only done it for one year in high school, or should I put it down anyways because I've done it for awhile?</p>

<p>I'm also wondering if I should mention it in my essay. My essay is about my struggle with body image and how I changed myself and am a motivational speaker for teen girls around the country about this issue. A huge thing I talk about with girls is that without enough fat and muscle in certain areas of the body, it's impossible to perform a sport; which is exactly why I had to quit. So should I mention tae kwon do in my essay as well?</p>


<p>Personally, I wouldn't mention Tae Kwon Do in your essay if, on the common app, it shows you only really participated for one year of your high school career. I feel like it might raise red flags, like why you are so passionate about it to write your essay about it, yet you only did it for one year kind of thing. Your situation makes sense, but it may be difficult to explain in your essay without distracting from the point of your essay which is about body image, not Tae Kwon Do. Maybe try writing the essay with Tae Kwon Do and without and then deciding which version of the essay you like better.</p>