ECs Between Haverford & Swat

<p>What if a students wants to join a club (sport or otherwise) or join some EC group (musical, for example) on the other campus (eg, attends Haverford, but there is a group only available at Swat they want to be involved with). Does anyone know if this is possible? Is it common?</p>

<p>My roommate at Bryn Mawr played in the Wind Ensemble at Swarthmore, so it's definitely doable. However, the commute is quite a commitment. I recall that my roommate left Bryn Mawr around 5pm and came back at 11pm, for a 90-minute rehearsal. The van schedule was just that inconvenient. I think the van is running a bit more frequently now than it used to, so maybe that's less of a concern now.</p>

<p>This should be the relevant timetable: Van</a> (trico) - Bryn Mawr College Transportation</p>

<p>People who take classes at Swat, and most likely also those who perform or practice there, will just take a book or some homework with them to pass any downtime. It's not convenient, but it's worthwhile for anyone who's dedicated to a particular class or EC.</p>