ECs: depth v. breadth?

<p>of the couple of stats i've looked at in this forum, most ppl seem to have a TON of stuff to put in their app, like various clubs, awards, and so forth. do the ba/md programs favor deep involvement with a few activities or semi-deep involvement with a lot? i've got around 7-8 activities, but each is medical-field-related and i've shown great dedication to all of them.. dedication meaning i've taken my ability out into the community to help actual ppl and not just focused on competitions or school clubs...too skimpy? if so, will it hurt my chances of admission a lot? any feedback would be great!</p>

<p>I would say deep involvement with a few activities.</p>

<p>i'd take about 4-5 of those medical related activities and go into depth,and then just list off the rest.</p>

<p>i am part of various clubs at my school but not taken any leadership positions (but I do have some medical related EC's). do BA/MD programs put heavy emphasis on leadership positions?</p>

<p>don't drop proagrams you are dedicated to. you probably don't need to take up any new ones, and as long as your depth is provable the college will see that.</p>

<p>They prefer leadership over people who jsut joined clubs, otherwise if all they see is a huge list of clubs then they'll assume you did it just for the sake of looking involved and that you didn't do much....leadership implies that you actively participated and took responsibility and showed dedication to something. It does matter when you compare someone who was simply a member of key club to someone who was president or treasurer or what not. Laundry lists of clubs actually can work against you. be smart when you list the stuff you did.</p>

<p>How much medical experience would you say you need for the ba/md programs? I haven't done too much except for a mentorship program through my school and a local hospital.</p>

<p>depends on the program. i did like a couple of hundred hours of volunteer work and i shadowed some doctors...its good enough for the drexels i guess. but i know that everyone else here did way more than me. like they did research and stuff...i'd ask around, maybe ask ppl in programs right now.</p>

<p>Thanks funkmasta.</p>