ec's for cornell?

<p>*President of Astronomy Club( conducted astronomy night at my school, conduct observing sessions every other week)
*Captain of club soccer team(cant play varsity because of religious obligations)(3 years)[Outdoor/indoor soccer for 3 years])-hoping to explain this obligation in my app.
*Drill Seargent of Church Youth Group(3 years)
*Master Guide of Seventh Day Adventist "Pathfinders" organization, kind of like a huge youth organization for my denomination.Master guide is the highest rank you can achieve. [pretty much a religious eagle scout type thing]
*Currently working as administrative assistant/research assistant at New Age Skin Research Foundation[will be mentioned as co-researcher in study that will be published in top dermatological journal]
*4 year dedicated member of mathletes
*3 year dedicated member of Model Congress(competed 2 years Yale,1 year Harvard, 1 year UPenn)</p>

<p>*~300 hours volunteering at LIJ Medical Center
*NHS-regular and french.
*2 years Website club</p>

<p>Summer Programs
*Attended Johns Hopkins CTY 9th grade
*Attended Cornell University Summer College 10th grade
*Going to attend One of-(Caltech SSP/MIT MITES/Caltech YESS/Garcia Research program-Polymers in biology) 11th-12th grade summer</p>

<p>Awards(as of now)
*Ventures Scholar
*National Hispanic Scholar
*NMSF or Commended</p>

<p>These are for Cornell...hopefully.</p>


<p>i told you what i thought lol</p>