ECs for Rice/Baylor program

<p>Hi, My daughter (junior) wants to apply for the Rice/Baylor joint medical program. Is it necessary that she should volunteer in a hospital or any health facility? she is with her school redcross club for the last 4 yrs volunteering for various activities. Also she volunteers at a local museum helping little kids in the summer science classes etc. She got good GPA (4.0 UW) and SAT score (2340)
Also, she signed up for AP Bio for sr year as she coudn't fit that in her schedule this yr. Is this going to affect her ? (she'll be applying to college this fall without any high school bio course on her resume)</p>

<p>Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>Anything helps, it's just like applying to Rice itself except a lot harder. 15 applicants from a pool generally ranging from 300-400 are chosen, so its not necessarily a requirement, but if she wants to do it, sure, it won't hurt the application.</p>

<p>It helps to show an interest in the medical field, of course, but it's VERY important to be passionate about her EC choices. Don't participate in something just because it might look good to someone else.</p>

<p>I definately agree with maysixxmom. It is way more important to choose EC's that you are passionate about and really focus on being involved in those, rather than choose activities that you feel will boost your application.</p>

<p>As for AP Biology, on the Rice application (which is forwarded to Baylor for the R/B apps) they ask you to list your senior classes, so they will see that she is taking AP Biology.</p>

<p>I was accepted to the Rice/Baylor program this past spring and will be starting Rice in the fall, so if your daughter has any specific questions about the application process or what to expect, feel free to PM me and I would be happy to correspond with her through email.</p>

<p>Thank you all very much for your responses.
special thanks to Kathryn07....definitely she'll be in touch with you.</p>

<p>samom - I sent you a PM.</p>