ECs...Ideas to help all CCers?

<p>I've been thinking about ECs and was unsure of what are supposedly the "unique" ones, I also know that some people are worried about their weak ECs, so perhaps we can all post something like a list of ECs in our schools and that way people will be able to see and think about those ideas...</p>

<p>...ha, I am one of those worrisome people...</p>

<p>haha thanks for posting!!</p>

<p>My HS has over 60 student organizations... Waay too many to list. There is an endless list as to what your ECs might be, but the deal is, quantity isn't quality. Joining 20 clubs that have 3 members isn't amazing. Sticking with one and passionately volunteering, learning, and leading is. I was a member of my Environmental Club, had some ideas, helped implement them in my school, became President, and adopted a 40 acre park.</p>

<p>And all it takes is passion and initiative.</p>

<p>My school:</p>

<p>American Red Cross Club
Anime Club
Art Club
Asian Student Union
BASIC (Christian Club)
Best Buddies (disabled students)
Black Student Union
Chess Club
Comedy Club
Crochet Club
CSF (California Scholarship Federation Statewide scholarship club)
Choral Music Society
D & D Club (no idea)
Education Academy
French Honor Society
Friday Night Live (drug and alcohol awareness)
FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)
Global Business Academy
Guitar Club
Harlequins (theater)
Indian Subcontinental Club
Interact (Community service)
Investors Club
Irish Culture Club
JSA (Junior Statesmen of America Club)
Key Club (Community service)
La Salsa Rica
Law Academy
MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan" Group, idk what that is...)
Middle Eastern Club
Multi-Cultural Club
Nature/Animal Conservation
NHS Architects & Engineers
Oldies Appreciation Club
Open (Gay-Straight Alliance)
Peer Helpers
Save (environmental issues)
Science Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society
Special Athletics Club
Table Tennis Troupe
VERB (Hip-Hop Club)</p>


<p>Yeah, true, but still, it can help. We've adopted streets and parks as well, but that's not enough. This thread is to help others (not just myself) so perhaps you'll be kind enough to post some of the "different and interesting clubs" at YOUR school?</p>

<p>If so, I'll appreciate it, thanks!!</p>

<p>I personally think that posting all these clubs and such won't help you at all. You should rather look into fields / things that really interest you and motivate you to excel, and to pursue those. Personally, I went towards more public service things because I love helping people. But, at the same time, I went also for musical things because I love performing too. I wasn't a stellar student, but I showed passion in my essay (thus how I got in miraculously)</p>

<p>I see...well, I get your point it's just that I somehow think that what you've said is just not enough...? Also, you've mentioned your essay, how long was it? (Please help...)</p>

<p>hm? I don't totally get what you mean by just not enough? please elaborate, and I'll be willing to answer. Always willing to help if you have more questions, so just private message (: oh, my essays were about the length for the limit on each of the Common Application. So, if it was 250 words (I forgot the limits set on Common App) I usually made it like 249. But on the longer ones (just making it up, say it's 1000 words), I would make it 800 words+. But, the essays were written to the point that I felt that it fully explained me to the best of my ability, not based on length</p>

<p>yeah XD thank you. For the essays I really don't know how to squeeze in the stuffs, too much happened in my life, so should you focus on the mishaps (family, financial, native country, etc..) that affected your education and life or things that you like a lot in high schools and what you've done in contribution to the community?? I am not too sure how I am going to do this, thank you if you can help..</p>

<p>For others: I am sorry that I am kinda off the topic here but I feel like this can help you guys too...XD sorry!</p>

<p>essays are like an art. you just got to somehow work it in and such. but definitely try to focus on one topic, so that the essay doesn't sound like it's jumping back and forth xP</p>

<p>:) thanks!</p>