EC's--not an evaluation

<p>Is it so awful if you don't join every, tiny superfluous club possible in high school but are committed to one or two, do community service, and do a couple of little clubs? It just seems like everyone's joining the same clubs, like SADD and Mu Alpha Theta and Key Club, but, as they're not really dedicated, won't those clubs just look like resume fillers--fluff? Will colleges think you suck if you went for dedication and passed down a few clubs you knew you weren't really going to be involved in? I'm sorry, but some clubs are so run-of-the-mill I wonder why there is pressure for <em>everyone</em> to join them.</p>

<p>? i joined bowling club for apps and im dedicated ?</p>

<p>Depth, not breadth is what colleges look for. Students who simply join a bunch of clubs in order to have a long list on their college apps will be in for disappointment come acceptance time. Colleges are interested in students with longterm commitments to ECs, and who have an impact on those ECs (which might be demonstrated through awards, attaining leadership programs or creating projects) and who are able to say how the EC has influenced their own lives and perspectives.</p>