EC's on application

<p>I've seen the common application and it only gives 8 spaces to write in any EC's that you do. Yet, I see all of these posts with people who have tons of EC's. Do they only pick 8 or do they find another place to put them? Also, what is actually counted as EC's other than school clubs and sports?</p>

<p>awards in anything, leadership roles in community, volunteer hours, etc</p>

<p>9,10,11,12 'PS'</p>

<p>PS - what it is? Pre-Secondary????</p>

<p>It's Post-secondary. If you took a year off i guess and took maybe a class or two?</p>

<p>Post secondary. Seems to be a foreigner thing.</p>

<p>And I think that it states on the Common Application that if you have more ECs you attach a piece of paper to it with the others... Well, at least I saw it on some application.</p>

<p>I am using on-line application. Huh. And they have only three university courses. :U</p>

<p>collleges want quality not quantiity anyway so if ur super involved in 6 clubs that better than ok involvement in 8. colleges would doubt ur ability to be involved in all 8 to a high extent if ur in too many.</p>

I have also another problem - I was working voluntarily in Cub Scouts camp. More than 110 hrs a week... Not only common application do not allow to write three zither numbers, but it seems You can be too good for univ.
Shouldn't universities trust applicants in such cases, or check it?</p>

<p>Wow, 110 hrs? I think that would make a good topic for an essay</p>

<p>110 hours is crazy volunteer a week... there are only 168 hrs in a week, that'd only leave 48 hrs every week, or ~7 hours a day, to do EVERYTHING else - sleep, eat, do homework, etc.</p>

<p>if you can do that every week, props to you</p>

<p>um, it leaves 58 hrs a week, and closer to 8 hrs a day... but yea lol. There's a reason the app doesn't allow three digits.</p>

<p>yep my bad i can't do math :) .. mental lapse</p>

<p>110 hours/week? Is that even possible?</p>

<p>If you pulled it off, that's the most impressive community service I've seen up 'til this point in my CC life.</p>

<p>Cash'd, Althalius, teal.
It was during holidays.</p>

<h2>Come on. Of course it IS possible:</h2>

<p>1) got up at 6.30 AM.
2)Start of work day:
Prepare dressing [we play roles on such cub scouts camps].
3) Awake kids, and go with them stretch and move after sleeping
4) 'wash' cubs.
5) Dress them and go for breakfast
6) Programme till about 9 P.M.
7) let them sleep... and wait about 2 hours until they will do so ;).
8) After that, You have to prepare and plan next day, it will end about thirty minutes past midnight. That is the end of work for this day. After that You may want to wash, so there should be a bit more time for sleeping, but it goes.</p>

<p>It gives about 17,0 hrs a day, but we have half an hour break during the day, when only one person is with kids. [However most of us prepare some stuff]</p>

<h2>17*7 = 119 hrs. Even more. huh.</h2>

<p>Preparation of camp: This was unbeliviable even for me. I am used to hard work, but this one was really hard.</p>

<p>We had to built camp in 5 days, 4 persons, two men, two women, age 17-18.</p>

<p>I made a plan of suspended bridge [actually it became half suspended due to lack of materials] - 11 m long, suppoerted by two towers - 6 meters high, and second bigger one but only 3 m high. To be honest, building it was a great experince.
We built it in about 40 hours, two persons [me and another guy].
But not straight, shame on me, we had 4 hours brake for sleeping. [;)]</p>

<p>There were other things, but this one was my favourite :). It was very solid, we let 35 kids and 8 adults to come on it. [We made butresses, not only suspension.] [btw both my parents are architects, and I am very good in physics, it has several smart systems...]</p>

<h2>It was five days and about 100 hrs of work, and personally, I think it is a threshold [it gives 140 hrs week].Especially if you had to spend three weeks with kids just after.</h2>

<h2>If You want me to tell something more about it, I think that it is thing that You can train. I finished very rigourous course for cub troops leaders [less than 25% accepted finished it], when we were obligued to work mentally at a stretch for 12-14 hours, and the next day the same. It was a weekend course, half of weekends during one year. And it gave me lesson of efficiency :).</h2>

<p>Is it still so unbeliviable??? Come on. It is only three weeks.
Work is not antagonist of resting. Resting is different type of work, and when You like what You do, there is no particular reason to work less than 80 hrs a week [during holidays]. Even mental work is something that You can get used to, You need to make short brakes and sleep much. And Your brain will fit to it ;).</p>

<p>And BTW. Princeton's application system allows to write three zithers.</p>

<p>well if u have those crazy hours, does the common app allow u to attach additional documents to upload. That is very impressive and if u can explain all those activities that would be real beneficial</p>

<p>You think so? :/
Well I'd appreciate any other comments of what I should send...</p>

<p>I have big dillema with sending 'wild' ideas/inventions/conceptions.
Obviously, I will send those 'calm' and checked, but these odd ones are much more revolutionary. And I wonder how much it will hurt me [I meant my chances ;)] if they are wrong... [with substantiation, please]</p>

<p>jpsi - I never doubted the 110 hours/ wk since I certainly believe it's possible..</p>

<p>I suggested that it would be a great thing to write in a college essay</p>

<p>Mhm... I have to write several essays for Brown ;). So maybe I will include it in one.</p>