EC's only (how to improve?)

<p>I'm planning on applying to colleges with good astronomy/astrophysics programs.
Some include:
-Michigan: Ann Arbor
-U Berkeley
-Cornell (reach)
-Dartmouth (reach)
-U Arizona
-Boston University
-Carnegie Mellon</p>

<p>I wanted to know what my chances were based off my ec's, supposing I had the stats to get into these colleges. Any advise to improve these ec's would be very helpful. I forgot to mention, I am a Junior.</p>

I. Science/Math Extracurricular
1)Astronomy Course at Harvard (for College Credit - Received an "A")
2)Astronomy Club - Founder/President
- Trying to develop it into official school club (pending approval by administration)
3) Active member of school Robotics Team (article in local newspaper)
-Sub Team: Mechanical
4) Member of Local Amateur Astronomy Club</p>

<p>II.Other Activities
1)High School Band (9,10,11)
- Percussion
2)Hospital (10,11)
- Information Desk (3 hrs/week)
3)Relay For Life (10)
- Team Captain
4)Assist Children with Autism (9,10,11)
5)Volunteer for Chess Club at Library (9,10)
6)Participation in NYLC (National Youth Leadership Council) (10)
7) Tennis at Country Club and a Local Tennis Club (9, 10, 11)
8) Tennis - JV</p>

<p>What else can I do to improve my ec list. I'm more focused on quality than quantity. Also I want the list to be science-related. I have begun that process, but would like to make it stronger.
I am planning to do either research (hopefully astronomy, if not then something related to science) with a professor at a local university, and publish it, hopefully this summer. If not, then I will do some summer course at a university, in the field of science (physics, probaly). </p>

<p>Other than that, what can I do to add to the list. How is it looking for now? How much do I need ti improve it by? Missing a lot of stuff, or almost there?</p>


<p>TBH, its really good as of now. Try to get the research through</p>