<p>Anyone kind enough to list some ECs worth doing? Besides being an officer in a club. Or maybe you can list a few awards and where to sign up for them? My ECs are definitely weak and I was hoping to get some good input. Thanks!</p>

<p>anything we can suggest will not be unusual. take whatever you're passionate about and turn it into an ec.</p>

<p>follow what you like.</p>

<p>Never do an extracurricular activity for the sake of doing an extracurricular activity. It must be something that you love; something that you are passionate about. Something that you probably would have done regardless of college admissions. Follow your passion. If you love the sciences or mathematics, there are plenty of opportunities (USAMO, Westinghouse, RSI, etc.,) that are available to you. If you are more the liberal arts type, well, there are plenty of opps there too (exercises in government include JSA, MUN, etc.,)</p>

<p>Do you love government? Go join MUN. Do you love physics/science? Go join a science club. Do you not have these clubs on campus? Take the initiative and found them.</p>