<p>I ran out of room on the common app's ECs list, should I put "Deep Thinkers Club", a silly club that my friend started <em>but</em> I was vice president, or should I put Computer Club, a real club that actually sounds legitimate, but one in which I hold no office (other than one of only two females.. should I put this?)</p>

<p>Neither of these sounds very compelling to me. What else are you listing? Adding fluff will make your whole list look weak.</p>

<p>I have pretty weak ECs in general, except for community service. The rest on my list is community service stuff that I've done in addition to Origami USA, & a games club that I started this year.</p>

<p>What else do you do in your spare time, that is out of school?</p>

<p>Do you study music, dance, or art -- or anything like that? Those would also be "EC's".</p>

<p>Not really. In my spare time, I do homework. And try to avoid sleep deprivation. I do web design sometimes.</p>