ec'swhat and what not to say on applications

Ive been reading a lot of these profiles in “what are my chances” forum. So many people list their ec’s in terms of years. Is this how you would mention it in your applications? for example, i have been playing piano for 11 yeras and done classical indian singing for 9 yrs. Is this how I mention it on the application.

<pre><code> secondly, unless awards of a regional, state or national level, are they worht mentioning? is it worth mentioning random independent piano competitions that have a less prestige. THe point im getting at is, unless u have these prestigious distinctions in ur extracurriculars (not sports) wouldnt they seem kinda worthless and possibly dishonest to the admissions board? The same goes for community service.


<p>All state/national level awards should be listed As for the smaller ones - you can just write "numerous awards in regional competitions", or something like that. The way you list your ECs in terms of years is fine. If it is a school-related activity, you usually write in which grades you took part in it.</p>

<p>well what im wondering is whats there to back up ur claims for these lesser distinctions. State and all can be checked. I see these people write down 600+ hours for community service and so on. Is it only ur essays and moreso ur recs that back up ur claims?</p>

<p>I think that community service is the easiest thing you can do for college. You won't be graded and there are no awards for "most community service in the state". So... colleges should not really value it much. I mean I could have done 600 hours but I chose to do other things with my time. I hope that colleges realize the difference.</p>

<p>but how do u back claims for other ecs and distinctions.</p>

<p>I dont think that you have to... But if they find out that you have lied on your application then they will rescind your acceptance. Take for example the UC schools, they have you self report your grades and courses since freshman year. They specifically say not to send a transcript. But if you are accepted they check up on what you have writen and withdraw your acceptance if there are anomolies.</p>

<p>When it comes to an EC, what counts isn't the amount of hours you put into something, but what you got out of it (personal growth, skills, awards) as well as how it impacted the community.</p>

<p>Doing 600 random hours of community service would not be impressive if it looked like the student simply did it to accumulate hours. One can tell when students do things like this because when asked, "Why did you decide to do that?" they answer something like, "My mom worked there and lined it up for me." When asked what they got out of the experience, they say something like, "Nothing much. All I did was answer the phones."</p>

<p>People who really care about what they are doing stand out because they are ablet o give a more personal reason for involvement, and even if their task was something relatively trivial, they describe it in a way that indicates they put thought into it and tried to assist people in some way. Students who really stand out are those who are able to do something like start by answering the phones, and as a result of hearing callers' questions, think of and then organize some kind of new program or service.</p>

<p>Colleges don't look for proof of what you do with ECs, though they do spot check by asking GCs, etc. You don't have to have copies of certificates, etc.</p>

<p>very nice answer. good job Northstarmom :)</p>

<p>thanks for the input northstarmom, also i was wondering how i could articulate that into my app. For example, im applying to columbia, my academic stats i think meet the demands, but i was wondering how i could articulate my ecs. LIke u said, i dont wanna put down 600 hours or something. BUt i also dont wanna take up space with specifics. An added resume (which some colleges discourage) i heard are recommended to be no more than a page.</p>

<p>You'd say: "11 years of classical piano. Have won (several) (numerous) local and regional awards including xxxx (top award that you've won, and whether it was regional, state, etc.)</p>

<p>Here's how you could list a community service: "Volunteered for 3 years tutoring elementary school students 3 times a week. Got my NHS chapter involved in raising funds to buy books for the elementary school students"</p>

<p>thanks for the ideas, really helped me get a pciture of how i should present this app</p>