ECU QUESTIONS (letter in route, student section, mail arrival)

Hello, I applied for ECU on September 6th but all my stuff didn’t arrive to ECU until the 28th of September. Yesterday (Monday, October 2nd) my application status changed to “Letter in Route - Residency Confirmed”. I have done some research about the letter in route vs. letter mailed and it says letter in route means you got accepted, is this true? How long after the application status changes (yesterday) will i get an acceptance/denial letter in mail? Also when i saw it yesterday it had an ECU student section with an ECU ID number and a blank ECU Email Address and pirate Id, BUT that is all gone now, which worries me! Can someone please help with all my questions, sorry for so many! Just alittle stressed:) Go Pirates!!!

Don’t worry, I had the same thing happen. The ECU ID disappears from your portal screen for a day or two while they update it and the next thing you will see will that an ECU email address and a Pirate ID show up in your portal. Your email will look something like your last name then first initial 18@ . Congratulations! You are in.

yay! It came back with it all filled in! how long did it take for you to get the letter in the mail after the status was updated? thank you!

My daughter’s portal is showing that she is admitted, and the admission letter is able to be downloaded. We still haven’t gotten the packet in the mail, and it looks like she needs the packet to begin her Honors College application.

congrats!! I just looked and I have the letter online:) hopefully i’ll get the packet in the mail soon! go pirates:)

Acceptance letter/packet came in the mail today!

It comes with a cool Pirate sticker :-bd

Just wondering how long it took everyone to see the change in status from under review to letter in route once all documents were received.

aww that’s awesome! congrats!! hopefully mine will come soon!

all my stuff was turned into ecu on the 28th of september and it changed monday the 2nd. so it was over the weekend. and then I got the acceptance letter digitally on october 4th. pretty fast! now just waiting for the paper copy!!

Does anyone know when they release Honors College invitations along with acceptance letters? It seems like everyone is getting their acceptance letters in within a week. I already contacted ECU and the said all of my required items had been turned in and received.

Several friends have already received their invitations to the Honors College. My understanding is they are reviewing the most competitive applications first, GPA of 3.8 uw and higher and expect to have them all completed before Thanksgiving.