ED 2 notification date

I applied to Tufts ED 2 and I was wondering if anyone knew when decisions are out? They came out feb 7 last year so I’m hoping they come out soon.

Hi there, I applied edii as well. From what I have seen, they have come out on Mondays in the past, so I’m guessing it’ll be the 9th or the 16th.

Aaaahhh I can’t believe it’s February already. Now I’m feeling really nervous. Good luck guys

The Tufts website says ED 2 decisions will be released on Feb 15th (and that ED 1 were to be released on December 15). I know that some schools use this just as a ballpark estimate and that “December 15” really meant December 11 or December 12 etc. Does anyone know if the Tufts ED 1 decisions came out exactly on December 15?

Yes, if I recall correctly (and you can check the prior thread for ED1 to confirm this), I believe they came out at around 3 PM on the 15th. But check the prior ED1 thread to make sure. They were pretty up to the minute on the issue. I did see someone who claimed they heard at 11 AM that day, though I’m not certain that was real.

And good luck!

I misspoke earlier. Last year they came out on Friday the seventh. Any chance tomorrow is the day? And yeah, class of 2019 edi came out on Monday the fifteenth.

Hi! this is my first post (Im using my brothers old account) – I applied ED2 too, and mostly because my life has ground to a slow crawl while I wait to hear…I checked out the last 10 years of when Tufts released ED2 (I know, the last few days have been really slow…).

So, 9 of the past 10 years, the decisions have come out on a Monday or a Friday, and always between the 6th and the 11th. Given the huge snowstorms in Boston, I’d guess this year’s release will not be tomorrow, but probably on next Monday the 9th. But again, I’m only guessing. Good luck everyone!

Good luck, everybody! Wishing you all the best! Mom of an ED2 kid from last year.

Hi! I applied ED2 too, and I’m super nervous about the result. I wish Tufts would give us a definitive date… Good luck everyone!

@ews761‌, absolutely brilliant of you to figure that out. So, if the decisions are published this week, how will we find out if we’ve been accepted or not? E-mail? Does it show up on our application status? Or do they put a list up on the gymnasium door, middle school basketball style? I seriously haven’t the foggiest how we find out.

I’m guessing the 15th. Another snow storm is supposed to be coming.

Really hoping it’s today… The wait is killing me!!

Is it true that they only accepted 70 ed II students?! I heard that somewhere on cc and I’m freaking out :-SS

Don’t freak out http://tuftsdaily.com/news/2015/01/20/record-early-decision-pool-marks-continued-pattern-selectivity/

I’d make the assumption what you heard was not factual. How could anyone, much less a random individual on this forum, have access to the numbers before the decisions have been made?Either way, you have to chill out. Also would someone please answer the post I made earlier; I’d like to know how to find out once the decision has been made. Whether it be snail-mail, e-mail or otherwise.

They’re up… Denied :frowning:

@nygirl2019‌ Where are they “up?” And obviously apologies go out to you, this whole process is truly wretched.

Yup, they’re up and I was deferred

Also denied, I feel so empty and lost right now. Apologies to everyone in the same boat :((

Decisions are up, in your portal. D was deferred. In the same hour she was accepted to her (very close) no. 2 school so we are ok! Good luck everyone, might see you there yet!