ED 2024

I haven’t found a discussion yet for this year - anyone else applying this year ED for TCNJ? The application is in, and now the portal is asking for several additional essay questions, but no timeframe given/recommended.

You’ll get a decision by December 1.

My daughter applied ED also. She took about a week to answer the supplemental questions. Think of it this way, student ED deadline is 11/1, other materials deadline (transcripts, etc) is 11/15. Get your supplements done by 11/15. Good luck!

My son applied early ED to TCNJ…hasnt done the portal questions yet but will get them dont by this weekend. Good luck everyone!!

I know the date for knowing is 12/1 but wondered if anyone heard early yet? I see other colleges letting students know so got hopeful maybe it would be released early!

Based on previous years, that would be a no. Last year students heard Nov 31 because Dec 1 was a Saturday. I’m hoping the same holds true for this year.

Thank you @"“ja;sldkjf” thats Thanksgiving weekend, wonder if we may hear on Wednesday, or if they wait till Monday! I imagine admissions is closed for the 4 day weekend.

I talked to a TCNJ prof and he is pretty positive that they won’t send it after December 1st. If anything, he said it’ll most likely be November 29th or 30th (a day or two before December 1st). Good luck, everyone!!!

I hadn’t thought about this before but the last work day for the school is Tuesday, Nov 26. The school is closed, no janitorial staff, no support staff, no dining options, etc. This is not an out of the blue calendar glitch. If Admissions wanted to switch Notification Day to Dec 2 they had plenty of time to do it. Compared to 2018, admissions staff have one less work day. (If I worked there I absolutely would have campaigned for changing the date to Dec 2!)

I have faith in them. I believe they can do it! I have my heart set on Nov 26. I will be so distracted on Thanksgiving if my daughter doesn’t have a decision by then.

Good luck, everyone! #HiTCNJ

Hi everyone! Does anyone know what are the chances to get into Accounting in TCNJ? My son applied ED1. He can’t even think of any other major options.

What is his SAT and GPA?

FYI D applied ED 1 for Nursing. Spoke to Admissions yesterday and was told that she she should check her portal before December 1. Hope that we know before Thanksgiving. Good luck to everyone!

njdadjets, my son’s SAT 1380, GPA 4.87 weighted, rank 36 out of 720. I hope to hear good news soon and my son gets accepted. Thanks for asking!

He’s in really good shape to get in especially if he applied early decision. Don’t sweat it, he’ll get in. And he’ll love it. It is a great happy place—- that’s right, just visit and you get a happy vibe. The best overall bang for the buck in NJ. Yes, my opinion —- Princeton is not a realistic comparison with any school in NJ. Sorry, neither is Stevens at its cost even if they give you a 35-40% discount scholarship (which you lose if you don’t carry the min gpa). All the naysayers will come out of the woodwork when I say this but the best overall values in NJ at this time south to to north are , Rowan for Engineering, TCNJ and Ramapo College. It boggles the mind that students and their parents are going into debt spending incredible amounts of money to go to expensive private or out of state public colleges when you have excellent schools like this instate

Just as an aside, Ramapo College is becoming the TCNJ of northern nj. Beautiful Safe campus and dorms and facilities, fantastic nursing, business, education and computer science programs and an acceptance rate thats now dropped in the under 60% range.

njdadjets, thank you for the reassurance! We visited TCNJ twice and my son really loved the atmosphere. You’re absolutely correct about that there is no sense in paying outrageous tuition for a private university. My son also applied to Seton Hall and already got accepted. Even after they’ve offered him 27k per year merit scholarship, we still have to come up with 17k plus room and board. This is pretty much the same as TCNJ total expenses. In addition, I think that TCNJ business school is better in terms of preparation for CPA exam. That’s the ultimate goal for all accounting students.

Best of luck everyone!

@ Mr. Dad Jets - Apparently, the six times as many applicants as there are places in the freshman class who applied to Stevens this year do not agree with you. They are fully aware that Stevens provides a superior return on investment - at the expense of a considerably more rigorous academic workload- than New Jersey’s public (and many other private) universities. My son graduated from Stevens last year in electrical engineering and had three job offers averaging $79,000 before he graduated. He accepted a position with a large aerospace manufacturer on the West Coast at $80k plus. Does the average Rowan, TCNJ, or even Rutgers (which I believe is the first choice of public engineering schools in New Jersey) typically have those opportunities?

Despite the “sticker price” at Stevens being considerably higher than the state institutions, it is more selective (38% typical acceptance rate - the second highest of all New Jersey institutions) and the students have higher high school grades and SAT scores (3.86/1480 average - likewise, second highest in NJ). One would think that if Rowan, TCNJ, et al were such outstanding values as you say, they would have so many applicants that they could be as selective as Stevens or even Princeton - they don’t, however.

I realize having read your previous posts that you discount ROI surveys however, the hard numbers do not lie. In engineering school peers, Stevens graduates come in seventh in the US in terms of salary (and thirteenth of all US universities across all majors in Paycale’s overall survey):


Rowan, TCNJ, or even Rutgers do not even appear in the top 30 of this list (NJIT does, by the way).

With respect to maintaining a GPA, does Rowan, Rutgers, TCNJ, and many other schools not require one to maintain a minimum GPA to retain a scholarship? Many scholarships - not all - require maintaining a minimum GPA. The sponsor of the scholarship - whether it is the school itself or outside sponsors - get to decide what the academic performance requirements are to retain their scholarship. Is that so unreasonable?

We certainly aren’t wealthy people, so , if you would claim that people who attend Stevens and other private universities aren’t concerned about cost, well, you are wrong. The average Stevens student is getting approximately half of his/her tuition covered with scholarships. My S graduated with about $22,000 in student loans -certainly not a small amount - which is approximately the average for Stevens graduates. He has no trouble making his student loan payments and likely will have it paid off before the full term of the loan, and that is in his high cost of living area in Silicon Valley. My S, by the way, could have attended Rutgers on a near full scholarship yet, he chose to attend Stevens at a considerably higher cost (in Silicon Valley, by the way, few have heard of Rowan and TCNJ. The only public NJ institution that has any name recognition there is Rutgers actually. Some are familiar with NJIT. All of the interviewers my son spoke with knew of Stevens).

My son would not have had the research and internship opportunities at Rowan that he had at Stevens we are quite certain.

So, once again, many students apparently believe the value they are getting from their Stevens education is worth more than what it costs.

I cannot speak for accounting. I am sure TCNJ, et al are fine for that.

“Just as an aside, Ramapo College is becoming the TCNJ of northern nj. Beautiful Safe campus and dorms and facilities, fantastic nursing, business, education and computer science programs and an acceptance rate thats now dropped in the under 60% range.” - Is 60% something to be proud of? Somehow, when I am interviewing people, Ramapo doesn’t come up to the top of the list of computer science schools.

Parent0347, if my son was interested in engineering, Stevens would be his first choice. TCNJ and Rutgers are great for accounting, but Rutgers is too crowded.
Congratulations to you son!

@Mom70 - I suspect for accounting the school doesn’t really matter too much. A CPA is the same regardless of where one went to school. And thanks, best to your son as well!