ED acceptance rates at Vassar?

Hi, just wondering what the ED acceptance rate at Vassar is—since it DOES have athletics, I wonder how much of Vassar’s ED acceptances are for athletes (i.e. as in at Middlebury, most of the EDs are for sports) and how much are for, well “regular people”, if that makes sense? The RD is approx. 30%, if I’m correct.

We were just there today for an info session and tour. The admissions rep said that they are very transparent about their ED process and numbers. Regular decision is about 27 percent; ED is like 40.

@4gsmom thanks! If you don’t mind me asking, did they mention if it were for ed 1/2?

Take the number of varsity athletes at the school and divide by 4.

Now assume they were all recruited (the big hook…), and all got in ED.

Take that number and divide it by the total number of ED admits in a year.

That will give you a rough estimate – on the high side – of the percentage of an ED class that recruited athletes comprise.

Despite the fact that most athletes and plenty of legacies get in during the ED round, ED rates are so much higher than RD rates (at most schools) that even if you are unhooked, ED (or SCEA/REA) still gives you a better chance than RD everywhere but a few schools like Georgetown and MIT. And, lest we forget, there are plenty of hooked applicants in the RD round too. It’s not like they all apply early.

They did not.

Keep in mind that far more women than men apply to Vassar, which results in great disparity in admissions rates for sexes. In recent years, men have been admitted at +/-55%, while women have been admitted at a rate of +/-15%. I’ve never seen breakdowns comparing ED1 vs ED2 admission rates, or admission rates of M vs F in either ED round (but I imagine you can safely extrapolate RD numbers.)

Vassar isn’t, of course, known as heavy athletic recruiters. I’ve read accounts of coaches mild tug o war interactions with the admissions department, and some stories about strife expressed by recruited athletes who’ve felt looked down upon by classmates, but those stories seem to be the exception. I think it would be safe to use low estimates to any math formula.

Vassar does not have a football team, so that means less athletes overall. There are a number of athletes for some sports who are not officially recruited, meaning while they may be on the coach’s radar screen, they are not getting a slot or full admissions support. And then there always are a small amount of walk one. So while @prezbucky’s formula will give you a rough estimate, it will be over stated.