ED Acceptance Rescission

<p>I got into Northwestern early decision, but this semester, I've definitely slacked off. I have no excuses. I simply didn't put as much work into my studies as I should have. I generally have gotten a mix of As and Bs in the past, but this semester my grades are as follows:</p>

<p>C - IB English HL
B - IB Study of the Americas HL (C worst case scenario)
B - IB Chemistry HL
B - IB Psychology HL
B - IB German SL
B - IB Theory of Knowledge (C also worst case scenario)
A - IB Math Standard SL
A - IB Music SL</p>

<p>So I'm worried that my acceptance may be rescinded if I get a C or multiple Cs. I technically got in for piano performance, but I am in the five-year double degree program. Since I am mainly a music major, would my grades really be so harshly judged? However, I would understand if they were, because my second major is undecided in WCAS. </p>

<p>My worries mainly stem from the thread made by someone who's acceptance to UCLA (I think) was rescinded because he/she got 4 Cs and 2 Bs second semester (would provide a link but I can't find it at the moment). Would getting straight As second semester make up for my first semester grades?</p>

<p>Don't worry about it. As long as you don't get straight Ds, you'll be fine.</p>

<p>A D+ is typically the grade at which Northwestern will start asking, but even then they will try their best to not rescind admission.</p>

<p>e: also the UCs have a very strict and clearly defined system that all applicants are aware of before they accept their offer. Northwestern, and most other elite privates, have no such public policies</p>